Sergey Erdenko 

Sergey Erdenko was born on 18th of December 1958, in the family of famous dynasty of Russian Gypsy musicians. At the age four he began to learn the violin. Two years later he already performed on stage together with his elder brother Nicholas. Later Sergey became interested in the theatre. In the 80s he worked in Moscow theaters "Romen" and Mark Rozovsky Theatre"At Nikitsky Gate". Sergey played the main roles in performances of "Gambrinus" by Kuprin, "Father and Son" by Kafka and others. In 1990 Sergei left the theater and in London created trio LOYKO. In August 2000, Sergey Erdenko returned to Russia and establishes a new LOYKO. It’s a new era in creativity, which now will not only be folk songs but also own compositions of the Maestro. Sergey Erdenko and the trio LOYKO wrote the music for the films and starred in the movies: "Gypsy Aza", "Shell", "Spend the Evening", "Poor Nastya", etc. In 2005, Sergey Erdenko was invited to the Show ‘Opre Roma’, Budapest in the symbolic five of the best Gypsy violinists.  In 2016 at the international theatrical festival in South Korea, he received the "Oscar" - the main prize for the best main role (the play "Gambrinus").

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        George Osmolovsky

George Osmolovsky was born on 28th of November 1961 in Moscow. From the age of six, he studied at  the Moscow boys ' choral chapel, where his main instrument was the violin. At the age of 10, he first appeared on the stage in Giacomo Puccini's Opera La Boheme, staged by the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko musical theater. As a student of the Moscow Music Academy, he became interested in ethnic music and jazz. From 1989 to 2000, with the composer B. Bazurov and the musicians of the project "people's Opera", he recorded four albums, including the famous rock Opera"Stepan Razin". Participation in international jazz and folk festivals in Vienna, Edinburgh, Helsinki, Warsaw, brings the musician a serious stage experience. Studying ancient Russian, Gypsy and Indian traditions, George looks for commonalities in those different musical cultures. In 1990, George met Dr. L. Subramaniam, an outstanding virtuoso of the Indian violin, he learned his skills and played with him. Since 1998, George has been working with musicians and artists of the Romani theater "Roman", recording several tracks.

In 2000, a significant meeting with Sergey Erdenko took place, which was the beginning of a new creative stage - work at LOYKO. They gave more than 1000 performances in different concert halls in Russia, Europe and America and recorded several albums. In 2007, the collaboration was interrupted, and in June 2020, the musician again becomes a member of his favorite band.

                                                                                             Mikhail Savichev


Mikhail Savichev was born on 16th of March 1971 in Siberia. He finished the musical college and studied in the Novosibirsk Conservatorium as a classic guitarist. Synchronically with education he creates the fusion-jazz band called "Yug" (this name means South) and makes experiments with different styles, sequencing classic music with jazz and acoustic folk music. In 2000, the fate brought him together with the Spanish flamenco musicians. Mikhail moved to Spain where he immersed himself into the art of flamenco guitar. He played with the best Spanish gypsy flamenco musicians learning flamenco from the original sources in Seville and Cordoba. Mikhail considers Paco de Lucia - a Spanish virtuoso – to be his mentor. In 2003 when Mikhail Savichev joined LOYKO, there was created, as one of the critics has aptly phrased ‘A Union of two Paganinis accompanied by Segovia’